We started back in 2000, and have been doing it off and on ever since.


I seen the original idea in the  YOUTH SPECIALITES IDEAS LIBRARY, in 1999.  I loved the idea but the way it was written, I didn't think it would work for us.   It was written to be played  on a city block and I just couldn't see us doing it like that.

So I set aside the idea of doing UC  but things started coming together.   Chris Pendley and I were talking about how our young people seemed to disappear during the summer.   It came to our attention that they did NOT appreciate what they had.    And that's when I told him about the idea of Underground Church that was in the Youth Specialities Ideas Library.

So we  read it and then REread it, Chris came to the same conclusion that I did.  As great as it would be to do it as written, we need to modify it to fit our location.    So we 'hashed' it out and picked a location, which was our local city park.    The night of the event it turned cold and begin to sleet, so we discussed it and relocated ourselves back to the church.   We did a quick REVAMP of the entire game, and played it with lights out in the church.

It was great!  It was one of the best if NOT the best time ever!!!   And we've been doing UC
off and on ever since.   We've done as many as THREE UCs in a year!!   We have a great UC team, many volunteers,  very GODLY folks, and they are all so dedicated  too.  

If you've never experienced UC for yourself, please make plans to be with us at our next
event.   If you can't come, would you please lift up UC in your prayers, we covet your prayers.